X-FACTOR #1 Trailer | Marvel Comics

MUTANTS HAVE CONQUERED DEATH! By the grace of The Five, the resurrection protocols can bring back any fallen mutant. But such a huge enterprise isn’t …



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  1. I'm not trying to judge anyone but, why the hell this "woke" people always look like that? is colorfull weird hair styles and weight problems the norm between that people?

  2. OMG, the only good thing on Marvel and I'm going for it. Polaris might be the only reason why I'm getting this book. She was always the only worthwhile member of the X-factor team to begin with. The rest were just MEH. Now we have a new book with new team members and Polaris is the only original member in this era. I'm so excited. I just can't wait. Marvel please make it sooner hehe.

  3. Don't care much for about 80% of the X-titles that's been churned out like drunks puking but defo gonna give this a try just because am a huuuuuuge fan of David Baldeon's work.

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