Who Is DC Comics' Darla Dudley? The Heart & Soul Of The Shazam Family!

With the DCEU film Shazam hitting theaters in two weeks, and my opportunity to see it early, I thought I’d answer a question we’ll all be asking soon about the …



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  1. If any of the DC executives feel pressured to push for more diversity, they can definitely explore the Shazam family. Marvel seems to push for diversity in the expense of quality writing. This is partially because they pushed for characters in a forced and artificial way e.g. put Iron Man in a coma and immediately follow with the jarring introduction of Iron Heart. Expanding on the Shazam family can fill these ridiculous quotas with minimal damage.

  2. Yeah Faithe Herman was adorable as young Darla and Meagan Good looked smoking hot as adult/Shazam powered Darla. It was great casting all the way around. I hope we see the Shazam family again in the sequel.

  3. I had seen the flashpoint animated movie and wondered why I didn't remember Darla at all. Too bad she wasn't too prominate in that, but it'll be awesome to see her shine in Shazam. I've had high hopes for the movie and so far the responses seem positive. I love that your videos either remind me of or show me characters that aren't usually in the spotlight.

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