Watchmen Trailer – HBO Season 1 Episodes and Easter Eggs Breakdown

Watchmen Trailer. HBO Season 1 Episodes, Watchmen Movies Easter Eggs, Doctor Manhattan Returns, Justice League Series and New Joker Trailer soon!



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  1. Here's my new Watchmen HBO Episodes Trailer and Easter Eggs. The Release Date is near a lot of other really cool big stuff in October-November. So leave all your theories and let me know which other videos you want me to make!

  2. The shot of the planes flying over the Black people is likely what was called "Black Wall Street". Back in 1921 in Tulsa Oklahoma a Black Man tripped on an elevator which was not even with the floor, fell into a white woman who yelled raped. He was then taken to the jail and the evening edition paper ran an add calling for a lynching. Black people in Tulsa had built up a successful part of town. They had become proud. About 20 Black men with rifles showed up outside the jail to wars off the lynchers. They didn't like this one but, so the Sheriff deputized the Klan and they flew planes into the Black part of town and bombed it, then armed deputies went house by house to kill, rape and loot.

    Given that the show takes place in Tulsa, this makes sense for a reference. Either Lou Gossett's character was a young kid back then, or the Black policewoman's family has a tie in to it is my guess.

  3. So they have basically took all the subtleties of the graphic novel and they are now ramming them down your throat. I mean, the whole 'who watches the watchmen', has been taken to a whole new level here. The exposition doesn't have to be so 'in yo' face'. Jeez.

  4. This is one expensive looking turd. The money they poured all over it guarantees a second season, maybe even a third. Hell, it might even find a loyal audience of post-MCU neckbeards and run for five or six. But, like West World before it, it will suck balls. The whole world is sliding into a Verhoevenian dystopia and these assholes can put together are the reheated crusts and lid-scrapings of last century's highest lows. The Seventh Cavalry? Are you serious? Regina King looked like she wanted to blow her brains out all over that press-junket backdrop.
    And what's up with the manic use of the term 'easter-egg'? Are you retarded? What the hell happened to us? What happened to the American Dream?

  5. Since this is taking place in Oklahoma, they are referencing to Greenwood neighbourhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma called "Black Wall Street". It was akin to Rosewood massacre in Florida. It was when the surrounding whites come in and masacre the blacks within the townships. Also the biplane you see was U.S. Army Air Corp sent into the township and Bomb Americans of African descent!

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