VENOM Clip – Rock Out With Your Brock Out

Brock out with #Venom this weekend. GET TICKETS NOW: One of Marvel’s most enigmatic, complex and badass characters comes to the …



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  1. Tom Hardy is the reason for the success. Anyone else playing this lead would destroy it. The Venom is not particular child friendly face to anyone who ain't fan of the comic. Also the previous appearance of Venom sucks. Who can forget the awful Venom in Spider man3.
    But man, Tom Hardy made everything click. He made us feel that Venom is part of his psyche that is hates being a looser. Tom Hardy plays the looser so freaking well. When Venom tells Eddy stop being a looser, we the audience goes , Yeah Eddy! Listen to the wise Venom 🤓

  2. ანგელოზების დაფრთხობაც შეუძლია?ჩემს მეზობლებს არ აწყენდა ამის ჩამოსეირნება.განსაკუთრებით უნიტაზი რომ დამიდგა ეზოში,იმათ

  3. Yesterday i watch this movie on cinema the ending riot vs venom i told my brother who's gonna win venom or riot he says venom i saw a rocket launch on space And the weakness of venom is fire And THEN venom Just destroy the rocket when riot is in that rocket And the rocket explode riot is dead And venom he is burning And i said Like what?! Is he died is venom died i told my brother bro is venom died or alive my bro says no he is never die And i saw eddie brock to the market buying some Food there is a thief And eddie brock turns to venom!!!

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