Venom Carnage Teaser Trailer and Spider-Man Easter Eggs

Venom Carnage Teaser Trailer, Spider-Man Easter Eggs, Venom Post Credit Scene, Sequel News, Spider-Man Far From Home and Avengers 4 …



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  1. Here's my new Venom Carnage video! Let me know if you spotted the promo this past weekend at NYCC. Sony dropped it while Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo were running distraction interference for Avengers 4. Posting my Venom Easter Eggs this week. The Flash Season 5 Episode 1 video posting tonight!

  2. Add Anti-Venom to the movie, the ending set it up perfectly. Then please add Knull 3rd movie and end credit scene of 2. Oh, and make Carnage have the teardrop eyes ending with a C, they look way better.

  3. if/when they finally throw carnage onto the big screen…i want 3 things
    1.i don't want them to sugarcoat his character..keep his sadistic side in tacked,keep in mind we are talking about somone who hunted down and killed somebody just because "his name sounded funny in the phonebook".
    2.make a clear powergap between him and venom…we are talking about someone who took a team up of venom AND spiderman to take out,with effort.
    3. remain faithful to his style of fighting,and is imaginative ways of using powers such as shaping his body into weapons.

  4. @emergency awesome I think the 2nd Venom movie is going to be Venom vs Carnage and obviously Venom is going to lose…. 3rd movie will have spiderman and venom teaming up to beat Carnage in Maximum Carnage.

  5. I can see why people thought the new venom was trash but thats mainly because they were but hurt there was no Spider-Man which everyone should have known going in to the theater that that wouldn't happen and because of the cringieness off venoms voice acting but all in all I would love to see a sequel with Woody Harrelson as Carnage

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