Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Trailer 3

Watch an epic new trailer from “Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3”! On sale this November!



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  1. 4 characters that should've been in the game:

    Asura – The only guy who rivals the Hulk when it comes to rage and anger. Not to mention that he defeated Evil Ryu and fought ONI AKUMA to a standstill (They also destroyed the moon in the process)

    Daredevil – Just so he can team up with She Hulk Phoenix Wright for an all-lawyer team!

    Megaman – C'mon, he deserved to be in it from the start.

    Squirrel Girl – She single-handedly beat MODOK and Dr. Doom. Nuff said.

  2. Well, seeing how everyone is replying to your comment, I can't resist 🙂

    U FORGOT WARHAMMER, HOW COULD YOU! (/Dungeons&Dragons, SNK, Nintendo, my mom, your mom, etc.)

  3. id shit a gold bar if I could have that 3d diorama of all those characters fighting with each other as a statue or even just a desktop background image! 😀

  4. @TomboTime yeah kinda….but remember before, capcom developed and published x men children of the atom….if ever i would like capcom to do it, it's one big badass company for fighting games….

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