Two Amazing Authors Join the Show! | Women of Marvel

Get the scoop on the latest Women of Marvel audio podcast featuring authors Preeti Chhibber and Lorraine Cink talking with Women of Marvel hosts Judy …



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  1. I have a strong feeling Sana doesn’t even like comics, or know anything about them. She’s just there to push a social agenda. She mentions growing up reading YA books, which is where they get these 3rd wave feminist authors from that have no appreciation for comics.

  2. This unfortunately comes across as at least tone deft in this current climate. I really wish that studios reaction to civil valid criticism wasn't calling the fandom a bunch of misogynistic alt-right trolls. In doing so they've painted a huge target on their backs and escalated the situation. I think we now have well meaning people on both sides assuming the worst of the others and acting accordingly. No one is talking with each other but instead at each other. The whole situation is just sad and unnecessary.

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