Top Tech In Marvel's Iron Man VR!

From charged repulsors to anti-armor missiles, we’re counting down the best tech you’ll play with in Marvel’s Iron Man VR, available on PlayStation VR!



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  1. Top 10 iron man tech
    10 Weapons
    9 more weapons
    8 even more weapons
    7 EVEN More weapons
    6 lots of weapons
    5 many weapons
    4 so many weapons
    3 even so many more weapons
    Tony stark: the suit is not a weapon
    Its a high tech prosthesis

  2. i would love to see more of the cosmetic customisation in the game, if there is any. Would be a shame if there weren't. I know you can't see your suit in game so it shouldn't matter, but still.
    ALSO, good to see Living Laser is in the game! Hoping for more IM rogues, then, not just Ghost and Laser!

  3. While I'm sure the novelty of being Iron Man will be fun for a period. I can't help but feel the enemy types are generic and the environments boring. You have a whole Marvel Universe of enemy types why choose a bunch of generic drones over those enemies?

  4. Doesn't look epic tbh, I feel it won't be like Hl: Alyx.It'll be only one more casual VR game
    Edit: It's just my opinion, not the truth, you can aprecciate this game without thinking twice

  5. Am I the only one who thinks this game looks like one of those shooting game you find in an arcade? To me this looks like a game that was made in 2005 not 2020

  6. Just Finished watching Ironman part one!
    The movie was good but the fight scenes was very poor! But the showing of technology was awesome. So i will give this movie 8.5/10🙂

  7. Iron man is my fav comic character of all time. I'm hoping this game is better and a lot longer than that Batman VR game, that I beat completely in 20 minutes

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