Top 12 Jokes For Adults in FROZEN 2

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  1. Mate Lost in the Woods killed me… I never face palmed out of confusion while laughing so much in a film before, I still don’t know what was going on.
    The Olaf song was another confusing time but damn hilarious 😂

  2. The reason they put that in there is bc parents r gonna watch with them too and they want the movie to appeal to any ages and kids don't even notice they do that in every movie cmon guys

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  4. i dont actually agree that elsa should be lgbt, i mean i support LGBT but she just doesnt seem to be the right princess to be LGBT she just seem so much better after her horible childhood its only fitting if she finds a prince or king that trully loves him and she can open up to and give her warn hugs🤗🤗🤗

  5. For some of us, we were explained and TOLD , that of life's many complexities, "You will just understand when you are older". Yea, I still don't understand… and leads me to believe that they never dis either, they were just narcissists … and thanks for not teaching me anything stupid boomers that learned nothing.

  6. 8:53 how do you know theres 3 year between the first movie and the 2nd in their world? That would make anna 21 and they never mentioned it in the movie. If anything kristoff said anna and him just met when on the wagon.

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