Top 10 Fighters In DC Comics!

Today we’re counting down our list of the 10 Best Fighters in the DC Universe, and Variant supports the Hurricane relief efforts! Support the Hurricane Relief …



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  1. Nightwing has proven to be a better fighter than Batman and was a better Batman than Batman. He also beat characters Batman never could like Deathstroke. Nightwing was taught by Bronze Tiger, Richard Dragon, Lady Shiva, and more. Nightwing is overall just better. He should be higher, Batman should be lower as he couldn't even be shown to beat some of the lower ranked characters.

  2. I want to know is Black Canary canonically on Lady Shiva's level or is she closer to/ better than Batman? I heard Lady Shiva has trained Batman and Black Canary in the comics, but they take issue with her lack of a no killing moral code. I mean Batman and Black Canary could always train with each other because they adhere to the principles of martial arts training. If my suggestion of Batman and Black Canary training together actually happened in the comics, they would both reach Lady Shiva's level given how skilled they are individually.

  3. this is tough as we never see what batman is capable of so I agree where he is but I dont also as I think he is a number 2 as he has fought with KK yh he didnt win but still I doubt anyone else could also batman is number 1 as which batman……….batman 1 million

  4. If deathstroke isn't above batman I'm boycotting you.

    Edit: i knew it. I'm not going to watch another video you make. Deathstroke beats batman in almost every fight they have, hell he usually beats bats half to death and then leaves. He's such a great fighter that it takes batman and nightwing to stalemate him. He's even beaten the likes of wonder woman in close combat! Smh.

  5. Srry but black canary is beating everybody why is nightwing higher than canary when she can beat Batman herself but at the end of the day canary is beating everybody bc nobody is avoiding the deadly canary cry

  6. I can't dispute your list. Even so when discussing my own list I try not to include those who are enhanced physically like Slade. (I'm a DC reader) Personally I would have put Cassandra Cain and Bronze Tiger above Lady Shiva. Also over time I considered Black Canary to be one notch above Batman after she did extensive training after she was crippled by Savate (who I think merits a mention) and became Lady Shiva's student.

  7. Batman is best. The people in the top 3 I never heard of before. Why aren't they in Justice League? Who would be number one in a list of Dragonball fighters? Don't tell me Goku. LOL

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