Titans Nightwing Trailer – First Look Nightwing Scene Reaction and Batman Easter Eggs

Titans Nightwing Trailer. First Look Nightwing Scene Reaction, Batman Easter Eggs. Titans Season 2 Episode, Teen Titans Superman and Red Hood Explained …



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  1. Here's my new Titans Nightwing Reaction video and Easter Eggs. This is just the beginning. Red Hood, Deathstroke and lots more deep cuts from the Teen Titans comics. Post all your reactions and theories in the comments. I'll do more Crisis On Infinite Earths videos soon!

  2. i feel that if rose betray the titans will be too predictable, hope they did what they did with Terra in young justice in that Rose joins the team instead. Also what happened to that Superboy tease

  3. It's funny in movies and series, whilst two people are sparring/ practice, they have a conversation during and pause the fight on parts that have a soundbite…..yet in real life that probably hasn't happened ever. You either practice, or you have a conversation, not both lol

  4. My theory is Nightwing will probably get his name from Superboy (teasing him by that name) since I don't think we will be seeing Superman pop up any time soon.

    We already have so many Supermen in the CW shows!

  5. before they even mention nightwing by name they need to bring in conner kent to dive into the kryptonian lore of nightwing and firebird, which would inspire him taking on the name nightwing. at least that would help putting the pieces from the comics together.

  6. That Nightwing costume is looking nice as hell. I’m thinking that in episode four Jason, hopefully, won’t die, but he’ll get beat up so bad that he’ll be put in a coma. Then he’ll start to take on a new persona and become full on Nightwing in episode six or seven

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