Things Only Adults Notice In Scooby-Doo

Kids love Scooby-Doo, but there’s a lot of questionable aspects to the mystery series that they might not catch until after they’ve grown up. Here’s the most …



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  1. I normally don’t comment but this is obviously just a video that you guys published because you had nothing else left. No adult thinks this. It’s a kids show. Do better content, this was stupid.

  2. All meme joking aside I wonder just how powerful Shaggy really is? He can run on water while carrying Scooby, jump 12 feet up while on a falling rock, beat up a whole biker gang by himself and lift over 4 tons and toss it. All that is things he has done in movies or one of the shows. Shaggy is the most under rated character on Scooby-Doo

  3. What are you CRAZY!!!!!  Where do you get all of this negative stuff!  (Draft dodging, Drugs, etc)  Is there anything else that people loved as a child that you want to rip to shreds?

  4. It is werid that velma and shaggy have multiple love intrests that show up once and are never seen or mentioned again. Maybe velma and shaggy closeness makes the other love intrests upset and they leave. I mean shaggy and velma always split up and look for clues.

  5. Fun fact. The majority of the people they unmasked were not actually criminals. Just people doing sometimes shady but rarely actually illegal stuff.

  6. In Decoy for a Dognapper (which was in the 1st season of scooby doo where are you?) Scooby disappears as he gets dognapped by villians who confuse him for being another dog. Also there have been dozens of occasions where shaggy calls out "Scooby doo where are you" when scooby is hiding.

  7. They run a business, how do they make money? Who pays them to solve Mysteries because they don't have any clients? They must be trust fund kids and their parents pay for everything.

  8. i'm 41 years old and i still love Scooby Doo but though you do raise good points, i never really thought about any of this other than them smoking a shit ton of weed & i always assumed they were in their 20's. which is realistic in the sense that you than have older adults calling them kids. and i dunno who decided on the material for this video but they are overthinking shit. when it comes to cartoons as a kid i always knew they weren't real and i was always

    wondering how they are made & i never said to my folks how realistic is this cartoon? i knew it was fiction and a lot of the shit in cartoons would never happen in real life such as a talking dog for one thing. but anyone who over thinks scooby doo to this extent really needs to get their heads examined

  9. They know they aren't closed or monitors. But they also know they could be dangerous. Several other villains have tried to murder them in episodes. Communicating bus laws tied to logs to almost blowing them up in a room for fireworks. So until they subdued they can't unmask him. Dumbass

  10. Isn't it just a cartoon? They mentioned in the video how it makes no absolute sense for Scooby and the gang to be around real life people especially those who are dead or characters like Batman yet it's a cartoon show so it's cartoon logic right?

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