The Making of a New Super Hero!

Watch as real Marvel fan Lori becomes a hero who can literally dance around villains to rescue those in danger in this edition of Marvel Make Me a Hero.



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  1. Lmao you guys don't make new heroes you just retcon them and make them "woke". Then change them back when your sales numbers tank and then blame the fans for lazy writing for the sake of "social justice".

  2. You may be thinking "I want to be made a hero!" And I got the solution right here! I'll make you a hero! My Instagram is @wickedisgoodthomas I'll make you your very own marvel hero for $20! Reply to this comment if you're interested or DM me on my Instagram! 😄

  3. Wow this character really reminds me of the protagonists in one of disney channel’s cartoon series: asian, black ponytails, red/black suit, the form of the mask, even how the usage of the weapon is awfully similar…

  4. Since I was a kid i have always been enamored for the Marvel universe especially over DC. I would collect Cards, Comics, Action Figures, Games, & watch all the Cartoons. Who my Favorite character was changed all the time, from Colossus(Just awesome how he could change into something bigger, stronger, & metal), Cable(was just super cool looking being have cyborg from a virus), Wolverine (ferocious, animalistic, & fearless), & Deadpool ( couldn't be killed, ninja like, funny, the ultimate weapon). Marvel shaped my childhood & I have so many more favorites. Its awesome that im now 35yrs old and i get to see all of my favorites in movies and tv shows

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