THE GRUDGE – Official Trailer (HD)

It will never let you go. Watch the new trailer for the R-rated, new vision of #TheGrudge – in theaters January 3. Visit our site: …



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  1. Do not waste your time on this movie. I warn you. Its really bad. There was a scene where the main character was shocked after the door closed behind her… she closed the door HERSELF. thats one of MANY BAD SCENES.

    Kayako and her son are NOT the ghosts in this movie!!!!!
    I know that could be considered a spoiler but I’m assuming most people going into it are expecting to see them but it’s a different group of people haunting everyone. I just don’t want anyone to get their hopes up. I wouldn’t even go see it if I would have known what it was about. This movie should be titled something else completely
    Kayako is in the first couple minutes and that’s all we see of her.

  3. why is everyone making fun of the shower scene ?
    back in the days no one made fun of the shower scene in the first grudge reboot
    was scary back then ..

  4. I’ve watched this movie today and guess what there’s only three people in the theatre me my sister and my brother we just talking out loud in there and playing the phone ahahah and ‘no one’ care 😂

  5. This movie was beyond garbage, the money to make this should've fed the homeless. The original japanese version is waaaaayyyy better than the American original (2004) & reboot (2020) version.

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