THE GIRL IN THE SPIDER'S WEB – Official Trailer 2 (HD)

The past never forgets. Claire Foy is Lisbeth Salander in #GirlintheSpidersWeb – watch the new trailer now. In theaters November 9th. Subscribe to Sony …



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  1. Rooney Mara is the best Lisbeth Salander you can feel that Cyberpunk Esque in her version of the girl with the dragon tattoo. Sony Please Continue the Trilogy of Fincher, you throwing millions of dollars mocking the film of Fincher.

  2. Todo estaba genial pero la trama de la hermana super agente y destructiva, además de tener aire de "mírame pero no me toques" hace que no tenga nada que ver con la película anterior (y esto ya es problema heredado del libro porque ahí ocurre la misma tontería) pero tiene el resto de elementos entretenidos que no la vuelve una película de acción más, además de que el niño no es tan molesto como suele ser en películas de este estilo.

    Que pasó a la acción pura y dura vaya. Pero no vamos a mentir el personaje Lizbeth ahora tiene el protagonismo absoluto y viene bien actuado pero no es mejor que la anterior Lizbeth

  3. Saw the movie, definitely a must watch. Kept me at the edge of my seat after the first act. This trailer though gave too much away, kinda ruins it. But, pardon to you guys, this is a much better movie than the girl with the dragon tatoo. My only gripe about this movie is i sometimes cant understand what theyre saying since , i think, most of the actors are swedish and film was shot in sweden

  4. oh wow, look another feminist movie making sure everyone knows all women are abused by their dads. Their make up statistics are amazing things to behold, but they just have to keep besting that drum. Also all leaders have to be women and strong enough with their skinny arms to beat any man. Pure trash like most things made with feminist in charge. All they care about is their fake agenda to promote their selves into power and money. Its ignorant for simple minds and sadly funny to behold.

  5. I know it’s kinda shallow but for all the running around in her underwear and looking tough. There’s just no sex appeal. The leading lady has been made to look more like a butch lesbian than an attractive emo/goth. They totally screwed it up.

  6. I just found out abt this and I'm pissed! The first american movie of the series was so bad the only good thing abt it was Rooney Mara. Why are they ruining it yet again? and this time WITHOUT Rooney…she actually said that she wanted to return to the character but they went and got a new director and cast…just by looking at the trailer Claire Foy doesnt look like a good Lisbeth…
    Noomi Rapace IS THE Lisbeth Salander. The original sweedish trilogy was so good,so much better :/

  7. very good movie not as good as girl with the dragon tattoo but i really enjoyed and claaire foy was great nice to see her in different roles although she was outstanding as queen elizabeth ll

  8. The plot of this movie seems more simple than the previous "the girl withe the dragon tatto". I think this movie is focusing on the action scenes rather than the complexity of the story. Personally, i think there are too many spoiler on this trailer.

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