The Future of the X-Men: Jonathan Hickman's X-Men | Seminal Moments: Part 5

The next seminal moment in the ongoing history of the X-Men is almost here: HOUSE OF X and POWERS OF X by Jonathan Hickman will be available July 2019 …



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  1. he made them all into isolationist segretationists, who invented their own language to further distance themselves from humanity even further. There is no humanity left in those X-men i don't recognize them anymore, they seem like pod people, which would explain why they came out of a pod on the first page. Also how many times are we going to reboot the X.-Men, this has been what 5 times the last 6 years?

  2. I’m pretty certain now the girl with the soul sword and the red nightcrawler are the x-men’s descendants. The girl looks like maybe a possible daughter of Dani and Piotr and the red nightcrawler the son of Kurt. The preview has these mutants being hunted by masked humans and sentient future robots. The preview said the two mutants have to “make it back” and that humans “lost their souls a long time ago”, I think this implies the new unexplained mutants are from a dark future and going back in time to prevent this future from happening

  3. So, this is all happening now because the X-men movie rights have returned to Marvel, right? No more of Marvel having a hissy-fit over Fox's X-men film rights, marginalizing the X-men in comics and merchandise….and trying to put Inhumans over mutants, right?

  4. My MUTANT power tell me , Jonathan Hickman , is just doing the same thing that was done over & over, Xavier's Back to take over the FAKE School, Cyclops & Wolverine are side-lined again, all the Villains get to move in RENT FREE, to the "Fake School that's really an ISIS recruiting Station, How many divided Separated Groups do the X-Men have to be into go off and do what ever they want , Time travel never Ends, Every Mutant has a super healing factor, all are "OMEGA Level Mutants of Mass destruction, You call them Super-Heroes when they really are terrorist, They don't respect Human basic LAWs, The Government keep making Sentinels, ,that alone tells you their terrorist , the mass School Shooting and the murder of some many Mutants are a after thought, Resurrection is a JOKE with this group, and when sales are low again "Here another PHOENIX story-line, So it doesn't matter what Hickman writes , when he's done the X-Men are back where they Started again , it happen with the Fantastic Four, With the AVENGERS, look at them NOW

  5. So, has anyone figured out yet what Kitty Pryde's importance is in all of this? I take it she is the brunette on the covers and some of the interior art that almost looks like it puts her at odds with Professor X (?). Still trying to figure that piece out still.

  6. So, does this mean we may have hope to believe that we're not just gonna have another story of the mutant population being decimated, the X-men on the brink of extinction, hunted by sentinels/humans, only to find a way to allow new mutants to be born again? You know, the same story we've been getting on repeat for the past 10 years?

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