Star Wars The Mandalorian Episode 1 – TOP 10 WTF and Easter Eggs

Star Wars The Mandalorian Episode 1. TOP 10, Easter Eggs for Star Wars The Clone Wars, Original Trilogy, Prequels and The Mandalorian Ending Scene …



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  1. is it just me, or is the Mandalorian current armor not beskar, as it was scratched by a knife during the Canteena fight, and it seems like he's gonna build up his true armor, episode by episode, or am i just too out there theory wise.

  2. It was pretty good. Not great. A few things were asinine. But overall, so far, it's better than the last couple of Star Wars movies: Solo and The Last Jedi. We'll have to see how the next 7 episodes play out. I have spoken…

  3. Great video as always Charlie. However I wanted to point out/ask about one thing. I've seen several of those videos about Mandalorian episode 1 and all of them state, they wanted the "Yoda Baby" terminated. That is NOT true! Herzog want it delivered alive but because "bounty hunting is a complicated profession" a proof of termination would also be accepted. This deal Mando took was not via guild as far as I understand and that's why IG-11 who was sent by the guild wants to terminate "the asset" while for Mando it's worth more alive. @Emergency Awesome

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