Small Details You Missed In The Avengers: Endgame Trailer

After months of waiting and endless speculation, the trailer for the fourth Avengers movie has finally arrived. For one thing, the the trailer reveals the title for the …



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  1. They do kill Thanos but he came back because they make a time machine and he come through there but thanks to Tony he is now Dead so Captain America and like all the avengers really didn't do anything the only ones who really did something were black widow and IRON MEN…. rip🙏💞 both of them we will miss you guys

  2. Most unexpected moment is that no one suggests the immaculate thanos to snap the situation of the universe to dubbel its size instead of cutting half of its living content, he seemingly wants to help. Thor rulls !

  3. There are a few OTHER details people might have missed — I'm pretty sure I've worked out 90% of the angles and SOMEBODY with a following needs to get this out there:

    At the very end of Avengers: Infinity War, instead of the usual sign-off line "So and So will return.." the final line of the credits is simply the title of the film.


    Something about how the letters "dissolve" at the end seemed a little off to me. If you pull out your DVD and go frame by frame, I'm pretty sure they break down in the following order:


    "Avenge if Steve Rogers Not Tony Wears the "R1" Infinity Armour?"

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe began with Iron Man. If Marvel is serious about bringing the films full circle, it makes sense they'd look to complete Tony's arc by emulating the events of that movie. And since Marvel has broken with the comics repeatedly in the past, there's no reason to believe that they'll follow through with waking Adam Warlock up or cramming Captain Marvel into the role Adam Warlock played in the comics.

    Which is probably why Infinity War ends with Tony off in space and Eitri was left alive with his hands sealed in URU metal. It sets Tony up in Yinson's role from the original Iron Man. Now TONY'S the steady pair of hands for the weapons genius who's cannibalizing his life's work into a suit of armour. And come to think of it, why the hell has Tony never made an armour for wielding the Infinity Stones in the comics? It's like the one thing he's never done. Also, remember how the Black Sabbath song really only ever had the name in common with the character? You might want to read the lyrics again…

    Plus, it's a chance to patch up the differences between Tony and Steve and pay's off CAP'S arc in HIS first movie – a "weak" man knows the value of strength, and maybe not everything special about him came out of a bottle after all. I mean, didn't you find it weird that Thanos had his monologue moment with practically every hero BUT Cap in the first movie? Cap's the ONE guy who never says quit and who NEVER settles for "acceptable losses". I mean, the movie stops and Thanos actually looks SAD when he looks into Cap's eyes during the battle of Wakanda. Why take the time to set up that shot if he isn't going to cross paths with Cap again?

    BUT WE'RE STILL NOT DONE YET — Ever wonder why Thanos would kill half the universe when he literally had the power to do literally ANYTHING ELSE. Like, say, just double the resources in the universe or create another universe for half the people to live in and another universe for the other half to live in? Well, what if he did and he used the Reality, Mind and Souls stones to simply CONVINCE everyone in both universes that everyone in the other universe had faded away to nothing? It would definitely explain why Tom Holland took so much longer to die than, say Bucky. Thanos obviously has a flair for the dramatic and would probably want the opportunity for everyone to have the time to say their goodbyes.

    Well, how would we know? Well, did you see Ant Man 2? Scott was in the quantum realm building a Macguffin when the snap happened. Ever hear of Quantum superposition? You should have, it's how Ghost's powers work. What if Scott became Schrödinger's Ant? What if he can travel between the universes or, even better, exists in and is aware of both universes at the same time? Paul Rudd would be the PERFECT actor to make the most of having two or more simultaneous conversations with people who think he's crazy and/or seeing dead people who also can't agree on who's really the dead people. (Think Captain Marvel from S1E19 of Young Justice)

    But how are they going to beat Thanos you might ask? Well, remember how the movie cut away when Doctor Strange said there was only one future where Thanos was defeated? There's a good bet that Strange had hours, if not the better part of an entire DAY to lay out the plan in EXTREME detail for Tony, Star Lord and everyone else. Doctors Strange explicitly has a photographic memory, which means he's probably not going to miss any of the important details. There's also no reason to believe that between Ant Man and Captain Marvel, there's no reason not to expect them to copy the first half of the Adam Warlock story and have all the heroes in two realities square off with Thanos AND DIE, just for the sake of "buying a little more time".

    Meaning, they not only threw the fight against Thanos on purpose, so that he'd think he'd won and let his guard down but Strange also probably sent the time stone into the future so that Tony (who Strange made sure would survive) could build the Infinity Armour and use the Time Stone to collect the other Infinity Stones from different points in history so that Steve could face down Thanos on even terms. The DID change the effect for Strange "revealing" the time Stone between the theatrical and home release, after all.

    The only problem is that Tony could ALSO use the Time Stone to save his parents or to get the Super Soldier treatment for himself or any number of other things. Of course, if Tony winds up facing off against the Celestials to collect the Infinity Stones, Tony just might have to resort to some pretty drastic measures as it is. Tony built Ultron because he wanted to "fix" the whole world. What happens when you give this guy time travel and infinite do-overs?

    Which is why I think there isn't going to be a big "gauntlet duel" between Cap and Thanos. I mean, they could do that all day. it makes much more sense for Steve to go after The lynchpin, the same way he did in his first move and actually CONVINCE Thanos he might be wrong.

    Which creates the perfect setup for ending the movie with a "double snap" and ending the MCU the way all comics movies should — WITH A MASSIVE RETCON!

  4. All this conspiracy theory with hints and reveals are better and more interesting than the governments version of keeping everyone sheep like; like me enjoying movies and not caring about their version of world domination.

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