She-Hulk: The Whole Story

Lorraine Cink explains She-Hulk, a.k.a. Jennifer Walters’, backstory and how she ties into many teams from across the Marvel Universe, including the Avengers …



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  1. Most of Jennifer's relationship do not last very long became no one came match her intellectual expectations. The ones that worked where from guys who where down to Earth trying to make a contribution to society. Aaron should have added Peter Parker to his Avengers run. Might have opened the doors for the Spider-Readers to notice Jen current status. Titania can crush She-Hulk, but she can't crack Spidey at all. But I feel that if Jennifer Walters got to know Peter Parker, they would become fast friends. They have so much in common. There has been only one team up story between them (Avenging Spider-Man #7) in
    the last decade. It would be cool if you could write more stories between Spider-Man and She-Hulk of which Jen knows Peter's secret identity.

    I long to see some serious interaction between Peter Parker and Jennifer Walters, as I feel that it came open doors
    to stories that would rival Spider-Man & Deadpool. Jennifer and Peter are members of the Avengers and Fantastic Four. Yet, no writer has ever had them working together. This is a missed opportunity for both characters to work together.

  2. Z: I don't have a problem with She-Hulk having a muscular form these days. But I do hope She somehow gets her ability to speak intelligent again. I always liked her because she had the best intelligent Hulk personality.

  3. No mention here of that time that she killed a cop when she destroyed a police van to get at a criminal who was literally on his way to serve his jail sentence?

  4. One of my favourite characters! I like her best when she is in full control and can waltz into a courtroom, green, tall and confident, and do her thing. (I love Charles Soule's run!) I hope the MCU can do her justice.

  5. I know this is a different comment but can marvel make deadpool solo film for mcu pg 13 and not called deadpool 3 for the mcu but for the other franchise. If they call it deadpool 3 then the mcu will have the x-men from fox.

  6. Why didn’t y’all mention her recent troubles as “Hulk”? I’m using quotes because I think changing her comic’s title to “Hulk” was a dumb move as was dumbing her down to use third-person nouns like her cousin does.

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