Shazam Trailer 2 LEAKED DESCRIPTION & Seven Deadly Sins | Dc Comics Explained

Today we got the reports of the Shazam trailer 2 leaked description & seven deadly sins. We are 2 weeks away from the Shazam trailer 2 but luckily we already …



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  1. DC are so dumb. Why the fuck would u mnake shazam 15. By the time he has a sequel he´ll basically be 18. Billy should be no older than 13. And he shouldn´t be some GQ looking kid. He should be a normal looking kid like Haily Joel Osmand or the kid from Goonies.

    I feel good about this movie, but once again just like Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman they´re letting the director take too many fucking liberties.¡ Where´s Towny for instance. He should be in this movie. Kids would love that.

  2. I’m kinda disappointed by the trailer scoop, but the seven deadly sins scoop was good but kind of an given. Pretty excited for Shazam nonetheless.

    Btw I remember DC Films Hub had a scoop a while back as to who plays the older versions of the Shazam family.

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