Secret Empire #6 by Mark Brooks – Marvel Quickdraw

Watch as Mark Brooks pencils & inks the cover to Secret Empire #6! ▻ Subscribe to Marvel: Join Marvel Artists every Thursday as they …



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  1. Man I love these QuickDraw episodes. Mark Brooks you have mad skills sir. Your markers are amazing, wow!
    As awesome as the stories are it's always been the mind blowing art that really gets me.
    Thank you MARVEL, more please 😉

  2. Did anyone else notice the artist called him Thor! Not silly Odinson!
    Oh I hope he can fly and get an enchant on his weapon so that it will return to him.
    I want to see some god powers not a strong man with an ax.

  3. Honestly Unworthy Thor #5 was such a letdown, and used. baiting at that, making us think Thor would fight Thanos: shame on Jason Aaron. Just shame. Good to know that She-Thor won't last long, I'll give her the end of year or til Ragnarok. Us true Thor fans will re-unite!
    P.S. Hope Thor will actually be in Secret Empire, no BS.

  4. Marvel you should make some kind of deal with fox to make DeadPool a avenger because Hugh Jackman left so Ryan Reynolds DeadPool character is the next big Avenger but try not to make the movies rated R, try to keep it PG-13 PLS!!! but turning DeadPool into a avenger can bring the X-Men to the MCU

  5. Love this video 😀 As an artist myself it's great to hear something from the artist- especially backstories 🙂 His way to work is fascinating <3 ! Great job, great art, great video 😀

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