School’s in session! Agent Carter makes a comeback! Jessica Jones takes over! – Marvel Minute 2015

This week on the Marvel Minute, Lorraine Cink talks the new Marvel web series “Marvel 101,” Agent Carter makes a comeback with a season 2 preview and …



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  1. jessica jones was a let down when it came to the action scenes, a lot of girl drama and not very good action. I was excite for jessica but all I saw was her getting fcked by cage and no action when it came to the fight scenes. Also, the way she killed killgrave was such a let down. I wish killgrave wasn't such a bitch, n Killgrave could have done so much more to jessica and he was bitched out. Marvel, please re-read your scripts for the netflix series. I'm glad dare devil wasn't in this series, the netflix series was good and to have him with jessica would have kind of ruin the dare devil series for many viewers.

  2. I just finished the series and my thoughts haven't changed. It's incredible. Jessica Jones is chilling, psychologically thrilling, unpredictable, and feels totally real, integrating the supernatural in an incredibly believable way. It also has its own identity, totally separate from Daredevil's tone, yet fits squarely into that same grimy underbelly of the MCU. If you haven't watched it yet and you're expecting more of the same, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. And if you like gritty detective fiction and haven't watched Daredevil yet, there's absolutely no prerequisite to jump right into this. It's definitely a really slow burn but it really picks up after episode 6. I just wish everyone would stop comparing the damn show to Daredevil and just judge it on it's own terms. They have completely different writers, directors, and actors. They share a few executive producers in name only. That's it. And this is a completely different story and character. This is a psychological thriller not a straight up crime drama. This show is fantastic and deserves to be judged solely on it's own merits.

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