RWBY DC Comic Book Is Canon… Why?

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  1. look, im sure the raven problem will be addressed in the actual show if it is cannon. Otherwise, I think the show will carry on without even bringing up events in the comic. I think it isn't necessary to focus on the manga and comics too much, since they don't really effect the actually storyline of the show as it progresses

  2. What is cannon?

    Tumblr fans – ships, ships, ships

    Tumblr – Pride ships

    YellowJacket – Bumblbee

    Haters – anything that is Monty is Cannon

    Cult/Bumblbee shippers – anything Kerry says is Cannon

    Manga better then the anime fans – Manga only

    Fans – confusion

  3. Rwby has no cannon since they have said the comic is cannon the show is cannon and the manga is cannon. Even though the manga contradicts the show which contradicts the comic. Ruby cannon is basically whatever the almost schizophrenic show runners need to cover there asses from the latest plot holes they make.

  4. Actually I do want Raven to fuck with Ruby and try to set juane up with Weiss as a way to flip off summer because it sounds like a fucking hilarious plot thread.
    On second thought they'd probably just go full on days of our life's with it.

  5. Honestly I do not consider that scene in the ruby comics to be canon. Why? because Monty oum made The web series, and thus is the canon. And the ruby comic can shove it. It’s already gone downhill from when Monty was alive I will not let them blemish it further. Kerry, shut the fuck up before you make this shit worse.

  6. Wait, if RWBY has been published by DC Comics then what Earth is the RWBY universe set in?

    And when will they get there own shitty live action tv series on the CW.

  7. Honestly, the RWBY Anime for its action/animation, the Manga is for its story, and Comic for its… well… I don’t personally really like the design and haven’t even heard or read it yet.

  8. Please stop. I don't care that I'm really just shouting into the void because no one here will want to listen to me; I feel the need to say something.

    First, your definition of "canon" is very flawed. Canon is just an official part of the story. The DC comics being canon doesn't change anything in the existing canon, it just adds some stories to the six month gap between volumes 3 and 4 that the show wouldn't have added. Any differences from the web series are most likely an oversight on the part of the comic writer in order to better summarize the events of volume 3 and NOT to change the characterization of a character in only two panels. I'm surprised that you didn't bring up Penny being in a Beacon uniform in the first issue and try to argue how that changes her story entirely. And the Shonen Jump manga is a separate version of the canon. This shouldn't be an issue here, but YOU are making one.

    Next, unless I read the comic wrong, it never explicitly said that Raven was cheated on with Summer. It never said that was why she terrorized Ruby. I have no idea where you're getting that from. Based solely on what was said in the comic, Raven only yelled at Ruby because she didn't like the stories her own daughter was telling Ruby about Summer that made her look like the most perfect, flawless huntress when Raven saw Summer as weak, and trying to connect Yang and Summer was implying that Raven's daughter was weak in her mind.

    Also, great job at cropping out the part where Yang merely scared the horse so that it would kick her and give her extra strength to do some physical labor. Textbook cherry picking right there.

  9. The DC Comics aren’t canon. Miles and Kerry had no oversight on them, plus the RWBY Wiki has not made any reference to them on any of the character’s history sections.

    So you guys can relax. The comics aren’t canon.

  10. Just goes to show that the writers don't truly care anymore. All they are doing is appealing to the no-life fans in order to keep them happy for all of 5 seconds before they find something else to overreact to.

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