Wolverine is about to embark on his darkest story yet…with master storytellers at the helm! This September, Death of Wolverine’s Charles Soule and Steve …



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  1. The metal covering Logan's bones has absorbed energy over the year's that has acted like radioactive material that taxed his healing factor. Logan needed to siphon off or release all that absorbed energy and his healing factor would kick back in abd make him young again.

  2. The story sounds interesting, but ffs Marvel, you should have let him stay dead for at least 10 years. Too many wolverines. We have old man Logan, X23, Jimmy Hudson, Daken…
    And now what? Who will be killed off to make way for the original? If you had waited 10 years, then all these characters could have been properly fleshed out, maybe after a great run we wouldn't mind you putting one or more of them to rest. But this way it feels like being cheated out of what could have been. If you have to kill off someone, let it be Daken. DO NOT kill off old man Logan, X23 or Jimmy. They are way too interesting, and could have excellent interactions with the original wolverine.

  3. I rather an illustration have the balls to kill a character off for a solid 5 to 10 years. But cash is king I guess.

    But let's get this straight death in comics means nothing.

  4. Remember the time line changed in Deadpool when he killed weapon x therefore Logan (wolverine) never got shot in the head and didin't lose his memory therefore he took a different path instead of ending up with no memory he went on to live a happy life and also since weopon x got insta killed by himself they didin't create another weapon x thus Deadpool saved the day remember folks Deadpool is Canon

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