Reading Minds and Stopping Crimes | Marvel Make Me a Hero

Fan Veralyn Williams brings her Super Hero to life with the powers of invisibility and mind-reading to learn all she needs to know to catch the bad guy!



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  1. i would choose some of my favorite from my childhood (spiced up a little):

    Forest Runner
    ABILITY: talk/translate language of animals/aliens, have ancient blood and descendant of the first Wakandas
    EXPERTISE: strength-enhanced, close quarter combat, has a lieutenant rank of the British Army
    Story: when he was a child, he was orphaned by two german folks who has history within Hydra but something made his life become more interesting– he can understand any language and even talk to animals as if he and them are friends. It was at that time they could do more research about his potential but he broke loose when an inside operative came to his rescue but that agent failed to escape, only he is the one escape. venturing his way outside the city, he stumble upon a wounded animal that is baited with a snare and bear trap, he then quickly freed it and went away. some hunters went and talked at him why he did that, though he did not say anything. so the hunters took him to an orphanage getting once again adopted by an irish woman and raised him as a good child. he then enlisted on the British Army and became an MI-6 agent few years later. he did not do most responsibilities on becoming a hero but on the day her foster mother passed away, he went on her file cabinet and saw that she was a SHIELD agent. and so he went to their base and contacted the leader.

  2. Vrea, that's freaking awesome. Love it. You also brought a chakram into the mix, which is my weapon of choice as well, ever since Xe
    na used it. I even have it tattooed on my wrist. Go girl!

  3. "Make Me a Hero"? More like "Make Me a Mary Sue". Jesus christ, she kept adding on powers and abilities and positive traits to her character to make her seem like the most flawless human being ever. Sorry, but this is just cringeworthy.

  4. Marvel needs to stop the fan fiction pandering. This stuff encapsulates everything wrong with Marvel. Yeah fans are important but they aren't writers 0and most of their ideas are crap.

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