Paul Scheer talks IRONHEART with W. Kamau Bell! | Marvel Comics

Lifelong lover of Marvel Comics, Paul Scheer and Marvel’s Stephen Wacker talk with Emmy Award winner and host of CNN’s “United Shades of America” W.



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  1. Ironheart is an automatic thumbs down.She along with, jane foster thor and kamala khan were the posterchildren of the all new WOKE marvel. If this garbage comes to the MCU then the movies are going to all suck.

  2. I hate Ironheart. To me she reeks of Bendis’s ego. If they wanted to have a young black girl become a new iron man adjacent hero, why didn’t they use Lila Rhodes? She’s practically the same character, the only real difference is she already had ties to Tony and Rhodey. The problem was that Bendis didn’t create her and couldn’t take the credit.

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