New Marvel Comics Announced!

Ryan ‘Agent M’ Penagos and Tucker Markus pull all the editors into a video call to discuss the new comics coming in August and things get out of hand quickly.



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  1. Make a comic where the gaurdians of rhe galaxy time travel to year 3000 where they meet their great great etc grand kids also the new avengers are evil and new hydra are good guys .

  2. Make a comic alternative universe the avengers are have gone back in time and a different country japan where the become ninja and samurai to stop villians from altering the past. Kidding om copying batman ninja.

  3. How do we get the comics that were scheduled for Free Comic Book Day? I really wanna get the Amazing Spider-Man/ Venom book. Love Ryan Stegman's art, been enjoying his and Donny Cates run on Venom. Plus Spider-Man is my fav character ever.

    So hard to pick between the good comics at Marvel like Venom, Immortal Hulk, Fantastic Four, and many of the X-Men books right now. I still gotta catch up on Avengers too.

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