My Hero Academia wrecks WOKE Marvel and DC Comics | Dominates sales charts

My Hero Academia owns the top sales chart for august. Check out my store! Check out my Patreon!



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  1. I play video games because I want to have fun and escape from the political hellhole of reality. I’m not much of a comic book fan, but I’m sure the same principle applies. That’s why the woke stuff isn’t selling: audiences want to see heroes overcome obstacles and villains, not listen to them lecture about the author’s opinion

  2. Ah yes, “woke” Marvel and DC are totally owned by the story of a beta male who wishes he wasn’t bullied so much and cries literally constantly (it’s practically a running joke) and is granted a free hand out of super powers by his hero, who deemed he deserves it because he seems like a really nice guy, and gets attention from a bunch of female characters just for being such a nice guy. I love My Hero Academia, but come on man 🤣 you couldn’t be stretching more to make this fit your obsessive narrative if you were doing yoga.

  3. Out of 20 Books, there's 13 Mangas. HeroAca, One-Punch Man, AoT, The Promised Neverland, etc. Because yeah, not every Manga or Anime is good, so isn't every Movie, TV-Show or ordinary Book really good, but they at least do their thing, without stuffing politics where they don't belong.

  4. I thought One For All was not "owned" by anyone, but merely stewarded and guarded over generations to other vessels who passed the torch when their time had come, thus sharing all of their own experiences with the collected experiences of the heroes of the past.

  5. Hmm…. Could it be because My Hero Academia goes back to old school tradition heroes complete with silly costumes instead of identity politics? I can't help but feel The Tick also had an influence on this series as well as Deku's costume seems to be a hidden reference to the Jade rabbit mythos.

  6. My problem with western comics is it has too many versions of one character running at the same time with each other, they are fighting with themselves, also Japanese manga is made by 1 author, it has story consistency because of that! Western comics has too many hands in one cookie jar thus making a very fucked up story that has no continuity.

    …then they added shit authors and garbage PC artists.

  7. Didn’t the creator of My Hero Academia go on record saying that he got inspiration for his manga BECAUSE of Marvel and/or DC?

    Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely happy for the success of MHA, but it might not have gotten as good as it did if it weren’t for Marvel and DC.

    I do prefer manga over U.S. comics, but personally I hope this just makes Western comic writers work harder at their storytelling so they stay relevant and everybody worldwide relish in an increasing amount of amazing stories rather than less amounts of possible stories.

  8. Horikoshi the creator of MHA had a rough start in his career, he had several of his series canceled by publishers. Frustrated and depressed of his work being thrown out, he went back thinking of fresh start, took western superhero especially Spiderman as inspiration for MHA. He based Deku character and design on the old Spiderman (before Marvel went woke / pre-Disney merger). When it came out first in Japan, it was a total surprise hit. A black horse. Japan had their fair share of Superhero manga in the past, but MHA somehow gained more popularity. Right now, the series has few spinoff (one gag manga, one prequel, and another side stories incoming). If things keep going well and this universe spawn more spinoff, Horikoshi might be the Japanese Stan Lee of the future.

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