Mera Aquaman Movie Mattel Basic Action Figure DC Comics Toy Review

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  1. Wow she’s pretty and overpowered awesome her real name is Y’Mera Xebella Challa aka Queen Mera she’s played in both his solo film and combined film by Amber Laura Heard 7 & 9 together. 10/10 well done sir.

  2. Can't find her in any Target stores(only stores here that carry them)or online at all. Same with the General Murk mr red soldier figure, he's on a couple ebay listings, but not paying 40 bucks for him

  3. With a different looking face and smaller height … She'll be a great sister to Mattel's Multiverse version! I'd also like to see her next to Hasbro's Scarlet Witch for face comparing also! … Those gals from Ireland! … Sigh!! 😍

  4. That really does look like the actress! I'd like to see you review the multiverse version too but i think this basic line figure has the better face sculpt. That's only based on pictures though so maybe it'll look better in person?

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