"Marvel's The Punisher" Release Date & More – Marvel Minute 2017

Join our host, Lorraine Cink, as we reveal a new trailer for Marvel Studios’ “Black Panther,” Marvel Studios’ “Thor: Ragnarok” inspired video games content, and …



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  1. All of it! Especially The Punisher! It was originally supposed to come out on October The 13th(aka my birthday)! But I understand y it didn’t! So seriously waiting for that! But everything is going to be awesome In Marvelland!

  2. Black Panther – The black rapist-inspired character in a black fantasy world. The Punisher – Another shit piece of anti-U.S. propaganda from Marvel for libtards. Don't libtards hate guns & the use of them, though?  LOL

  3. The Punisher's hair cut makes him look like he could be Kim Jong Un's half brother. But to that I say, why not go all the way? Why not just have some who looks exactly like Kim Jong Un, play as the Punisher? It would be hilarious!

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