Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 2 in under 4 minutes! | Earth’s Mightiest Show

Lorraine Cink catches you up on an action-packed Season 2 of Marvel’s Jessica Jones with an ASAP Recap. Brush up on where Season 2 left off for Jessica, …



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  1. After watching season 3 episode 1 I realized that i completely forgot what S2 was about so thx for the recap. I remember S1 perfectly tho… a superhero series is only as good as its villain.

  2. This video is doing a service to those savvy enough to realize after watching x amounts of episodes that this series is going to be dreadful. Series 1 was kinda intriguing. Getting Nuke in there was a nice touch. But who…. I exclaim who! ?… Wanted Jessica's mother and her ridiculous paint by numbers friend to be the villain. These Netflix shows claim to be like some kind of "street level" MCU. But for me, and do you know if you enjoy them then great, but they aim sooooooo low that they really do come off as cheap cable with no consequence. Even with the Defenders….. I don't know how they could fail so hard. *Screams in comic*.

  3. Although I wasn't a fan of season 2 (except any scenes to do with Trish)…Daredevil season 3 and Punisher season 2 were awesome so I have hope that this show will also go out with a bang

  4. I liked season two, I dunno why people bash it so much. IT was good, but people compare it to season 1 where Killgrave made the whole show. Just don't compare them cuz the villains are not the same. Either way from all of the defenders Jessica is my favorite so I hope season 3 to be a blast. I heard even Krysten Ritter directed some episodes, so let's hope it's good.

  5. Marvel, Disney ….plssss after the Netflix contracts are up and the 2-3 year wait time is over…..continue all the Marvel Netflix shows on HULU !
    That's all I'm asking for.

  6. Honestly i could care less, all i want is iron fist to get revived like they leave it off with a cliffhanger with iron fist having golden weapons like cmon marvel and netflix u cant just do us like that

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