Marvel's Iron Man VR! | Marvel Let's Play LIVE!

Join host Josh Saleh for a LIVE look at Marvel’s Iron Man VR exclusively for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR! ▻ Subscribe to Marvel: …



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  1. On the race where the devs got 38.29 I managed to get 38.17 after a few days and it was really fun to learn how to move more efficiently and I'm really excited for release

  2. When you say I am Iron Man, but then you actually think you're Iron Man and forget you have walls, so you try to fly, but you actually do have walls, so now you have a concussion with a side of reality.

  3. Until you actually play this demo in VR, you just can’t understand how awesome it is. I downloaded the demo the first day it was available and it is so much fun, I can’t wait for this game to come out! A lot of VR games just don’t translate well into regular video, you have to actually play it to experience how great some of them are. High hopes for this game!

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