Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy – Vin Diesel Proclaims I Am Groot in Spanish

Vin Diesel, voice of Groot in Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy,” recorded his memorable “I Am Groot” not only in English, but in several different languages for …



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  1. Yeah, hmm… so 8 languages, wow. Wait, where's the… uhm, y'know, the not south american spanish trailer? Different accents, generally different ways to talk (depending on the place of course), but just wondering though. Is there a version of his voice in spanish with spanish accent? (From Spain itself, lol, confusing I know, sorry).

    Anyways, thanks, and cool, now I love Vin even more xD damn

  2. Wish they stop creating DUB versions and strip half the movie actors work away only to be replace with local random people. Is it really so hard to learn to read subtitles?! I never will pay to see a half movie with most of the audio being replace with random people "acting" over it, that not even match the lips of the on screen actors. In cartoons they strip away 100% of the actors work and still put their name on the poster! 

    And I also hate when they not give you a option and only have the junk Dub version available! I already had to pass on a lot of movies like there not had a original language version available! 

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