Marvel's Defenders Press Conference Highlights

Watch the highlights from the special press conference with New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, Disney CEO Bob Iger and Marvel CCO Joe Quesada …



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  1. It's so funny coming to this video now and seeing all of the questions people are asking that are answered now.
    1. Spider man is coming to marvel now.
    2. All of the shows are going to have more than one season.
    2. Punisher may join the defenders.
    3. Punisher is getting his own 5 part mini series.

  2. This almost certainly won't be set in the MCU for one they'll probably be rated 18 in the UK and the MCU is not an 18 rated universe and they'll be more dark and gritty as they should be especially Daredevil and Luke Cage, this will probably be a separate thing, I just hope we get to see a Moon Knight and a Ghost Rider tv series, these shows could be amazing I mean Agents of Shield wasn't good for the first 5 episodes but now it's really picking up with their storylines and all these new characters like Lorelei and Blizzard and Graviton as well as DeathLok who seems like he could be pivotal, without AoS we would never have seen these characters or at least not for a very long while, Yh thanks Marvel and Disney!

  3. But I thought the defenders were. Silver surfer,hulk,dr.strange and a woman? Smh cause I cant think of her name. I know this however,I am much more looking forward to this then 8/1/2014

  4. Personally, I think they're bringing in these less-known heroes so they can have more to add into Avengers 3. Think about it, If they're basing it off of the Infinity Gauntlet series, then remember Thanos killed many of the Avengers. Who will he kill in Avengers 3? So, why not introduce the Defenders, Ant-Man, Black, Panther, Possible Inhumans, etc. Just saying…

  5. Ever since Disney bought Marvel and the advancements of technology, Marvel has taken the comic book movies to the next level since the avengers and with disney's financial backing and advertising power, marvel is now a force to be reckon with. 

  6. Netflix or not, the rest of outside USA will depend on you uploaders of tv shows for sites like awesomedl for us to watch without netflix.

    Downloading is not dead, it's only upDated

  7. +zeldaed123 I think it's safe to assume that you're referring to the Disney Channel, and if you are then you should realize that the Disney Channel is one of Disney's smaller properties, so you can't judge the Walt Disney Company as a whole solely based off the Disney Channel. Disney's biggest properties include Marvel, Lucasfilm, ABC, Pixar, and ESPN, none of which produce strictly "teeny bopper" content.

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