Marvel's Avengers: WAR TABLE 2 | BETA Content

Watch the second Marvel’s Avengers WAR TABLE for an extensive look at BETA content, and perhaps a surprise…or two? #Reassemble ▻ Subscribe to …



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  1. The only mistake this game made coming out of the gate is making a debut Avengers game about an obscure side character like Kamala rather than Cap. It would have been so easy getting everyone hyped.

    But I'm still cautiously optimistic, given what I've seen today.

  2. My Hype is higher than anytime before. I only have some questions.
    There will be only 4 Heros ? (Hawkeye included) Because I only see 4 icons, Its good, but I wanted more.
    I reserved Deluxe Edition, There are obsidian and original costumes for Hawkeye or only for the original 6?

    PD: Sorry for my basic English

  3. Dear western game devs,

    I want you to take a good look at Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 for Nintendo Switch, and use that as the example of how Marvel super heroes should look. Not whatever this is. 5:55

  4. 17:00 Why would another game company making a big game go to a company (FORTNITE) with a game not like there's for help to promote their game. That would be like a company making a movie go to another company making a movie and ask them help them make their movie what the heck Avengers? -Luke

  5. A helicarrier base, character variety, heavily inspired by the comics, team moves, varying traversal. Just saying, these are all the things you can already find in the Lego Marvel game…

    P.S. I really hope this game would turn out well tho. Looking forward to trying the beta.

  6. Wishing i can play this with my Android mobile phone…
    I cant afford PC or any console…

    And if this comes to mobile, hoping it wont be too big of data file…
    And free to play, but has micro transactions, to be able to access certain features…

  7. This game will be dead in two weeks after launch. Kamala or whatever her name is, is a terrible mistake that no marvel fan is ecstatic to play with and the fact the story centers around her only makes it worse. This is a bargain bin buy for most

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