Marvel's Avengers: Secret Wars Sneak Peak: All New, All Different Avengers

New on Disney XD, Marvel’s Avengers: Secret Wars will air the All New, All Different Avengers story arc. With Tony Stark trapped in a non-tech dimension, the …



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  1. This animation is much better than the trash that was Earth's Mightiest Heroes.
    Same way Ultimate Spider-Man had much better animation than Spectacular Spider-Man but people still find things to rant about

  2. Marvel, please don't take this crap from all the haters. I'm 16 and I enjoy everything about this show, as well as the rest of Earth 12041. Please keep up the good work, and consider adding mutants.

  3. It's sad that Marvel tries to replace Mr. Fantastic with "Ms." Marvel. Reed is Marvels's smartest mind and that was his actual superpower, his brains. His stretchy powers were more a help for his smart than the other way around. "Ms." Marvel on the other hand, she comes more over as a Kitty Pryde/ Squirrel Girl/ Spider-Gwen/ Shazam/ Wonder Girl etc. person. Y'know, the absolute generic stereotypical one. The hyperactive one who has to just give the worst comments to sound funny. Yeah, i don't like her. Reed was a absolute Unique character in Marvel and also now a great loss.

  4. I'm just here for Black Panther and these are the comments this video gets? Marvel is seemingly rushing right now to make more than these popular shows. And it's not even easy to make shows or stuff like these.

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