Marvel's Avengers: Once An Avenger Gameplay Video

Thor wields Mjolnir, striking lightning and fear into his enemies with mighty Heroics and witty insults in the Once An Avenger Hero Mission. Witness Thor in …



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  1. Looks fun, but needs some real polishing. Maybe because its the demo, but the frame drops and overall graphics were slightly disappointing from what we first saw. Def still hyped for it

  2. All of the hits look like they have no impact whatsoever as nothing really seems to react outside of a little wobble, the dialogue sounds uninspired and completely forced as if it was straight out of the PS2 era, and overall it just doesn't look very fun to play.

  3. The game looks better. However there are always room for improvements. Such as new characters that we actually want to see, for example hawkey, black panther, Wanda, maybe vision etc. They should also add improvement such as fighting gear, for example iron man. They should give him his fighting gear like his shield or his arm sword, his extra boost. Things in the avengers infinity war. That’s the type of things we want to see. I’m speaking for everyone here

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