Marvel's Avengers | Kate Bishop – Taking AIM Trailer

Kate Bishop resurfaces to investigate Nick Fury’s disappearance, but ends up uncovering AIM’s new plan. In order to unravel the mystery, she enlists the help of …



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  1. You know. I would play this game only for female heroes. If you add more, especially Thor (Jane Foster), She-Hulk, X-23, Spider-Woman and more, you bet there will be be people like me who buy this stuff. Learn to know your audience and you achieve the sales greater than any other company.

  2. Kate Bishop is soooooooo very fast, quick, and agile on her playstyle and movesets just like as fast as Natasha Romanoff aka Natalia Alianovna Romanova aka Black Widow. I'm soooooooo very hyped and excited to play as Kate Bishop aka the Next Hawkeye and the Other Hawkeye

  3. Okay, so as someone who is very new to this game, I have to ask: why all the hate? It seems like people are really unhappy with the game and I don't know why. I've only played the very beginning of the game and don't know why so much of the playerbase seemed to drop the game. The game seems fun for me, at least so far. Is there something I'm not seeing yet, possibly because I only just started?

  4. I really loved and liked Kate's last name, "Bishop" because she is really a "Guardian" to Clint Barton aka Hawkeye's persona. Wherever he goes, she is the only person who can save and find him. Also, Clint Barton aka Hawkeye is a Superhero mentor not Supervillain mentor and what he teaches is to make a world more safer and better place to live in. Also, Clint Barton aka Hawkeye has NEVER harmed Kate Bishop in the process because he will never do harmed a person: student or not.

  5. I may try it despite having totally written this game off. As much as I hope they somehow has righted the wrongs of this gam, I don’t feel like they have the vision or the juice to pull this off.

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