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Watch the latest preview for “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” coming soon to ABC! #CoulsonLives #DontTouchLola Follow “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” on …



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  1. I don't include him cause he technically got made via the gamma rays so he's basically a man-made hero like Captain America, Iron Man and many other Marvel heroes.

  2. Well the only ones that come close to the big S is is Thor (even without his hammer, he's still got that super strength of his) and technically Spider-Man. Oh and the X-Men. The other thing is that the Marvel world has always had a light-hearted tone to it even with the dark stuff that goes on but DC is different as a good deal of their heroes are way more serious like so adding in humor is a bit tough. More so with Batman as his world is mega dark thus we get the comedy from sarcastic Alfred.

  3. Exactly! Whereas with Marvel's movies they already established that these things are mostly fictional but the thing is the heroes they've used in the movies thus far don't pull powers out of their ass like Superman (I do like Supes though) making them somewhat of a character to relate to as well. They also put a lot more comedy in their movies unlike DC who have a few special occasions.

  4. Well I can agree with that cause when I was watching those comic book based cartoons in the 90's, I preferred the Batman one more to the Superman one (though I still watched it as it was still good, just not as good as Batman) and though I'm a fan of both Batgirl (mostly Barbara Gordan version) and Supergirl (the one that merged with the Matrix Supergirl), I always liked Batgirl more cause she's someone I could possible become since she was normal like, like me.

  5. I think DC has just realized how they have to go about writing in the movies. With comics they can let characters like Superman and The Flash go ham and destroy everything. However in order to draw in people who aren't comic book fans the goal is to make them more relative to real life people for people to comprehend. Which is why Batman is popular considering he's a human with no powers. So in order to do well, they're gonna have to nerf their characters.

  6. Yeah, I agree there. I mean the idea shows cool as the last attempt (way back in the early or mid 90's) at a JL movie big time fell flat but after Avengers, I don't see it being able to compete against it especially since there's been way more Marvel movies then DC ones. If they did what Marvel did and released stand-alone movies of some of their chars which lead up to the JL to connect it all then ok but that likely won't happen. Even more since the would be Wonder Woman movie got canned.

  7. I have no idea as I never really got into Green Lantern. The only time I read a comic with him in it was those Superman comics that dealt with Superman's return after his death during the Doomsday battle & before that I only knew of the Kyle version via a Superman: TAS episode. I got a bit more into the character through the John Stewart version in JL/JLU but only with that version. If you mean the CGI GL toon, I have seen an episode of it (Star Sapphires one) & find it interesting and all that.

  8. Unfortunately, they're kinda screwing themselves now with the movies too trying to make a Justice League movie just to compete with Avengers 2. Lack of planning will be their downfall. It's still all their old quality stories like The Dark Knight Returns, Watchmen, Killing Joke that keep them alive in terms of consumer loyalty.

  9. if you watch the full trailer some one mentions the event in new york, and if you watched iron man 3 you know that that points to the avengers so guess what it's after the avengers.

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