Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite – Gameplay Trailer 5

Jedah, Firebrand, Dormammu and Ghost Rider face off on our latest mixed world – the Dark Dimension! This unearthly realm is the result of Marvel’s Dark …



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  2. X! The moment I saw him in the MvCI reveal trailer I knew I was going to pay for a game only to play as X (I did that on MvC3 to play as Zero and Dante, nothing more) and Megaman X being involved at the MvC story blew my mind, and everything they add from MMX is great, but there's some problems or issues that I have with the Light Armor using the Giga Armor's double charge shot instead of the full charge shot from the first armor, X lv 3 special not being the Hadouken (only able to use it with the Light Armor on) but even with those issues, X's Command Mission style and the other stuff is some great deal.

  3. Think I'll wait until all DLC comes out , I'm not getting a game with only 5 new characters and 22 umvsc3 characters This game feels more like a side step in the MVSC series But I hope others enjoy it if they are looking forward to it.

  4. Can u people shut up about X Men not  being in it can we other characters instead like Inhumans, Defenders my god x men has been around for 17 years with films and other shit its time to let them go and let other characters get their spotlight

  5. I will only get this game if it doesn't actually have 20 characters less than UMvC3. And I don't count DLC characters. They have to be in the game from the get go.
    I won't spend additional money on something that should have been in the game from the start.

    I think most of the other disappointed MvC fans will agree with me.

  6. They should have just made a solely Capcom Fighting game like Super Smash Bros. instead of a game with both Capcom and Marvel. Marvel being in the game really decreases the value of the game.

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