Marvel Theory: Galactus Was Thanos's Insurance Policy

Thanos could have been planning for Galactus this whole time! Subscribe to our channel: Today, we have a brand new, …



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  1. Tanos free galactus the ppl from titan tanos world trap galactus on the moon and when tanos blow up the top of the moon to trow it to iron man by blowing that up he free galactus of the moon prison.

  2. Thanos being more powerful than Galactus in comic book is vague and unclear, Galactus on full power can be powerful than Thanos, he clearly dwarfs him and so does his planet eating spaceship lol. I like the Idea of Thanos being herald of Galactus

  3. I think everybody missed the point that Galactus was concealed by the cloud and/or the cloud has something to do with his arrival and that’s not actually him. It’s a tease of him. A hint. A clue. Not actually him.

  4. The Ancient one said timelines would split if the infinity stones were removed, realities protectors…. But Thanos destroys them and in five years, nothing happened.
    Too bad they didn't try to piece the stones back together in the quantum realm since Thanos claims he reduced the stones to atoms.
    The stones also make reality sooooooo destroying them doesn't seem possible.
    Fiction can be fun.

  5. I wouldn't do it that way if it were up to me. Thanos is finished; he doesn't need to big bad from beyond the grave. It would bury Galactus a bit, casting him in the light of just another part of Thanos' master plan. Galactus should be totally separate from and indifferent to Thanos' plan.

  6. Small detail but thanos is NOT stronger than Galactus in the comics, Galactus is much stronger and Thanos is only stronger with the infinity gauntlet, but at his base level thanos isn’t up to par with the devourer of worlds.

  7. I hate to say this bit, Thanos was being led by our God all mighty. He was the Noah meant to cleanse the Earth. No one has mentioned this or started a trend. The MCU can get better if they propose that the Avengers are the vilans.

  8. It wouldn’t be 3.85 billion ppl left it can be whatever number under 7 billion. This is Bc he said the whole UNIVERSE POPULATION. which would mean whatever number in half. Soooo

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