Marvel Theory: Endgame Created Kang The Conqueror

Thanos Definitely Created Marvel Villain Kang In MCU Phase 4 Subscribe to our channel: As the production on Marvel’s next …



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  1. The messing with the timeline, and the return of the Fantastic Four catalog to Marvel/Disney, caused me to think that Kang the Conqueror would be involved in future movies, right after seeing End Games.

  2. "Hey, EnthusiasticVO Jim! Wanna come record this voice over for our Kang video?"

    "I'D LOVE TO!!! But I'm sick today!! Here's the number for my brother, Nodding Off Jacob!! He just took Ambian!!"

  3. given how Thanos's simpish motivations were entirely scrubbed from the movie (and rightly so, the infinity gauntlet crossover was not great but, Thanos's motivation was a particularly wack aspect of it) i wouldn't expect any weak, cheesy love interest motives to make it to this movie, either

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