Marvel Theory: Asgardians Get Their Power From Super Advanced Technology

Asgard is a society built on a foundation of the most advanced technology in the MCU! Subscribe to our channel: Thor’s …



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  1. Frigga can do everything Loki can do and taught him how to do it. Asgard did have an energy shield the dark elves messed it up in Thor the dark world and if Mjolnir was checking for DNA humans would have to be an off shoot of  Asgardians

  2. Odin put the worthiness enchantment on Mjolnir in the first Thor movie " if anyone be found worthy to lift this hammer they will have the power of Thor"
    Caps pure heart and intentions made him worthy to wild Mjolnir, not his super soldier serum.

  3. This video is really stretching it. Both Ragnarok and Infinity War make it very clear that Thor is a God, capable of feats no human can…. just wielding Storm Breaker would cause a mortal to collapse into madness, surviving the intense heat of a neutron star, commanding he power of the Bifrost, etc…

  4. Dude have you NOT seen the first Thor movie? Thor straight tells Jane, and I am paraphrasing a bit. "Your ancestors called it magic, you call it science. But I come from a place where they are one in the same.

    Hence, Thor himself says its science. Learn your source material and get it right. 😉

  5. Somewhere in Odins families past his great grandfather or there abouts took a norn for a partner/wife… norns are also frost giants… sooooo there is a degree of magic… also Odin can manipulate dark energy but at the cost of having to go into the Odinsleep

  6. 1. Loki may not have Asgardian blood but frost Giants can't do what he does cus Asgard is where he learned it
    2. It's obvious that there's no tech involved with storm breaker cus we saw how they made it and it literally is just two parts a axe and a hammer combined with groots arm

  7. Does your channel ever adhere to source material. I mean besides comics made after 2015. Lol 😆 what is your point in this current propaganda post. To downplay the Norse god status of Asgard and its inhabitants. I’m surprised the last line didn’t reconfirm your utter belief Captain Marvel (the 2015 version) could whip Thor’s ass. Oh I’m seeing the end now, it’s a shoehorn for Jane Foster. Got yah.

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