Marvel Super Heroes: What The–?! Marvel vs. Capcom!

The Marvel heroes and Capcom superstars collide in a barbeque of brutality! Play Marvel Vs. Capcom Origins today! About Marvel Super Heroes: What The–?



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  1. 0:50
    It's time for an analysis
    You can see captain America says veggie burger for taskmaster because he looks like a skeleton which is an offensive stereotype of vegans. Try being a vegan it's hard, it's expensive yet he is made fun of by captain America. Captain America is acting more like his ultimate version which is in fact not ultimate.
    1:03 you can see Gambit trying to do something. You can see it in his eyes if you pause. You can also see him getting kicked later on.
    deadpool assumes that a tiger can only be a male or a female.
    1:49 you can see that hulk gets harmed which is a metaphor on how the peaceful people who don't want conflict always get involved the most.

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