Marvel Studios’ "Thor: Ragnarok": Home Release

It’s main event time! Marvel Studios’ “Thor: Ragnarok” comes loaded with bonus extras and more. Watch it tonight on Digital and Movies Anywhere: …



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  1. I really feel Tony Stark's creation that Element of V shaped on arc reactor was indication of him creating Vibranium via science.
    Tony created Vibranium in Lab and will use his new suit of V in the Infinity Wars.

  2. Definitely the best Thor movie, if not close to being the best MCU movie as well. I loved the unpredictability, the free flowing feel of the dialogue, it was colorful, adorable, funny and crazy. Only minus points that once again the villain was left in the background. If Hela was not the main counter power of the movie she should have had more of a side plot with heavier character building and interaction with the world, a worth the time side plot with consequences and the strength to carry itself. Now Hela's plotline simply dragged itself along until crossing paths with the main storyline. Anyway, all critique in hopes of getting an even greater movie next time, which will be a challenge since this one is so amazing already! I hope the same kind of colorful fun for other Marvel movies as well, Doctor Strange could benefit from some crazy colorful magical beings running around the city, like we see in the comics. I also love how this movie gives such power to every single scene, like the serious talk in the elevator between Thor and Loki turning into a heartfelt moment and then into a joke, it was like a tiny story arc compressed into one scene and made it very meaningful.

  3. Hello MCU, I will try for what the avengers 4 title so l everday try for that film name so l regular send name for your every new video with per day.


    Avengers 4 = Avengers Final War or Avengers Assemble

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