Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel's directors take you behind the scenes! | Earth’s Mightiest Show

Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, directors and co-writers of Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel, share what it was like bringing the Kree-Skrull war to life on the big …



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  1. Nice one brie larson a.k.a Captain marvel this is the best movie i watch this 5 times in the cinema because the story is amazing from the start to end of the movie
    brie larson go go go mind the haters focus on your dreams , i'm ready for captain marvel 2 :)))

  2. these ppl destroyed the captain marvel film. brie did exactly what she was hired to do. brie is a great actress and was under contract. the outrage should be at these ppl and marvel not brie.

  3. Wow the hype is unreal… Larson is incredible? She’s ok not incredible. Her portrayal of the character was lacking a little and geez let’s go overboard on the build up of her doing her own stunts and training for the part shall we? She’s not a pioneer in that department, it’s been done many times before. The movie is average or a little above but still enjoyable with exception of some continuity issues that don’t jive with the rest of the MCU.

  4. Ya. You all did a great job. Not sure how you can deal with my friends? (They dont fact check). You made a good movie which should be plenty? Brie Larson also did awsome! Guess I should admit that too.

  5. This movie had a up hill battle from the start, especially to please a old school fan like me. I am so pleased with how good this movie really is. I welcome it just as much as any of the Marvel movies.

  6. So sad, as the last entry movie before Endgame, all Infinity War audience would want to see what twist Endgame would have for us embed in this movie.

    That itself already guaranteed at least 20% of Infinity War box office gross since so many of them go for 2nd and 3rd view of the movies in Infinity War on theater.

    They already have a massive 1st viewing audiences waiting for them to works for audience interest on 2nd and 3rd viewing.

    Yet they about to lose one third of those 1st viewing audiences who not yet witness the catastrophy and how Fury lost his eye and all his dark cool tones build up in several good marvel movies with their own eyes, just because of how terrible the directors deliver their work.

    And required their marketing team risking their franchise brand reputation to regain those 1st viewing audience back.

    Why are you director doing this to our marvel fans and the studio. We want to hyped for Captain Marvel movie, but not that movie on theater right now. We and the Studio deserved better.

  7. How on earth did these two buffoons get this job? They have no experience and haven’t even seen a marvel movie before…this movie was such a disappointing pile of garbage

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