Marvel Contest of Champions: Miles Morales Spotlight

Welcome a new Spider-Man to the Battlerealm! ▻ Subscribe to Marvel: Watch more from Marvel Contest of Champions now: …



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  1. Fun drinking game for the comments section: drink whenever you see a comment containing the phrases "Chun Li" or "Capcom." Down your drink if you find one that doesn't reference either of these. I can guarantee you'll die of liver failure.

  2. Dang…the third move sucks. He's freaking Spider-Man and the best super move you guys come up with is a kicking series? How about using his spider moves? Geez…kabam trying to make a quick buck

  3. >refuses to give the license to a company with almost unprecedented ability to craft fighting games
    >rip off animations from said company

    lmfao, what is this trash

  4. TELL ME WHY WOULD YOU THINK THAT MILES ( SPIDERMAN) KICKS LIKE CHUN LI ? you guys want to sue marvel or Capcom for putting a character does, he look like him NO he isn't does he have powers like him NO  the kicks is not a power if you guys think that is tell me the games of streetfighters I know you guys might hate me to say but I don't play new or other streetfighters the only game I played in streetfighters was super Nintendo  so tell me what is wrong with the miles p.s characters has kicks if it has a lot of kicks that you think of a other character has you guys don't worry about that worry about the powers or the costume or if they are the same then you might sue them both or one but don't just hate them for kicks it's like I slap you and you say oh you just slap me just like Justin oh I'm telling on you for using his slap. is that stupid thing to be mad about

  5. since the Marvel vs capcom Peter Parker was killed in spider-verse and in the marvel vs capcom Chun-Li is an honorary X-Man i say when the MVC miles morales came into play Chun-Li felt bad for the new Spider-Man and trained him BOOM theory

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