two huge reveals about Marvel Phase 5, that the antihero team The Thunderbolts has entered production, as well as the next iron man RiRi Williams Ironheart, …



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  1. Riri could appear in Ms Marvel, but I'd prefer Ironlad on the condition it's the kid from Ironman 3. Otherwise, why the kid and not the grieving mother from Civil War?

  2. If anybody plays Future Fight. They know that Iron Heart was added to the game a long time ago. Almost like a prelude to what was going to happen in the near future….Iron mans replacement

  3. This just keeps getting more and more interesting as the release of the Disney+ service nears its launch. More movie and streaming shows keep getting announced and this just makes me as a long time fan very intrigued as to how this will shape the Disney/Marvel movie releases going forward. DC Universe and its show seem aimed toward more adult fare and none of its shows seemed angled towards connecting to its feature film slate, whereas Disney's streaming service seems to serve to use its streaming shows to add a layer of continuity that crosses over into its features and back to the streaming shows again, much as the comics tell stories that build up into one big book and then its effects follow back into the comics once again. This will be very interesting to see indeed.

  4. Yea the newer stuff could be interesting but I completely agree that there is a lot of classic material that still needs to be seen in the MCU. I’d like another 10 years of the classic stories before they charge forward with any real new stuff.

  5. Ironheart…No no no. The kid in iron man 3 deserves it, not some comic book character that failed to capture the imagination of the readers and was another example of diversity failing miserably because of poorly thought out considerations…ugh

  6. I'm not a follower of the "Dark Avengers" saga, but I must admit that it does sound interesting.

    Having said that, I have to also add that while it is intriguing, there are a number of other (more popular/recognisable?) Marvel stories that I feel should be told before Dark Avengers make it to the silver screen.

  7. I'm cool with everything that MCU want's to do..I just hope that all the movies are linked and have a good story line like how Ironman started everything in Avengers..And they need to stop killing good Avengers cuz we grown to love them through the whole story line then they die…and not just that..Then you hear they don't want to play that character no their dead for good….can't wait

  8. MCU starting to look like comics…something for everybody including the young ins!!! Great!

    Can’t always be rainbows and sunshine…thunderbolts, dark avengers…bring it on!!!

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