LOGAN – All Wolverine Easter Eggs, References & X-Men Timeline

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  1. The bullet thing sshould not be hard to figure out, MrSunday even points out his healing factor is slowed, so something that might have hurt in the past can be deadly now.

  2. There would still be mutants in he film because let me remind you that mutants get their powers at puberty. This guys making it seem like there are baby’s walking around in the school.

  3. The reason he’s getting poisoned by his adamantium as well as lack of mutants in general is that a cure for the mutant gene is being introduced to common foods and water and slowly weakening his powers.

  4. The reason he only loses his memory in origins is that his healing factor is still Strong. But in Logan his healing factor is very weak I doubt he could heal a bullet to the brain (I say brain because a standard bullet wouldn't be able to get through the adamantium skull, but the adamantium bullet would go through)

  5. X 23 being called a clone makes no sense. X 23 is not his clone she is his daughter. And I'm not saying that metaphorically, I mean biologically she is in fact his child. X 24 is a clone because he's an exact copy of Logan. X 24 was artificially produced as an exact copy of Logan's DNA But X 23 is not an exact copy. For those of you who don't read the comics, you're about to get some comic history. While weapon x was attempting to create a clone of wolverine they were using a broken piece of wolverine's DNA. The woman in charge of the project was Sarah Kinney. After 22 failed attempts to recreate wolverine. Sarah Kinney had wolverine's DNA placed inside of her womb becoming pregnant with a child. 9 months later Laura Kinney was born as X 23. Now for those of you don't know how this doesn't make her a clone allow to me to explain using a little bit of biology. Like I said earlier, X 24 is a clone because he is an artificial copy of wolverine. X 23 on the other hand is not a clone because she is not an exact copy of wolverine unlike X24. X24 only has Logan's DNA. X 23 on the other hand does not. Remember X 23 was not artificially created. She was born from the womb of Sarah Kinney. Therefore she possess Sarah's DNA as well with Wolverine being the father DNA and Sarah Kinney being the mother DNA making X 23 being wolverine's biological offspring. Also not to mention the fact that wolverine is a male and X 23 is a female. Also her claws are slightly different from his. Wolverine possess three claws that come out of the area between his knuckles. X 23 has 3 claws as well, but only two are in her hand while the third comes out of her foot. This is similar to her half brother Daken (wolverine's son) who has two claws that come out of his hand and one claw that comes out of the bottom of his wrist. Anyway. This comment has been going on way too long. So long story short X 23 is wolverine's daughter not his clone.

  6. I have a good one for you. At the beginning of the movie you see at the grave part were you said their was names on the tombstone yes one of the names was a very popular Marvel hero captain America. Which in my opinion leads off of avengers 4 in the future…. just something I wanted to point out.

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