LITTLE WOMEN Vignette – Behind-The-Scenes

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  1. Greta is such a GREAT director, I just can’t believe awards are going to negligence her direction’s work one more year. She deserves so much more!!!!!!

  2. I watched this movie 3 times in cinema. Every time I watch it, it leaves me with such a warm feeling in my heart. And I get goosebumps every time at Jo's 'But I'm so lonely'. And cry every time she runs down the stairs to find her mum alone at that table. I know I'm going to rewatch it again and again for years to come. I'm probably going to show it to my children. And settle in on a lazy day when I'm 80 to rewatch and reminisce and feel nostalgic. Thank you Greta, and thank you all these fabulous women in this film, for giving us this beautiful warm piece of art.

  3. This is the best adaptation I have ever seen, I personally have something that I can relate with each of them. fighting with my sister, Being stupid in love like Jo when I was younger, swearing not to marry and ended up loving someone so deeply, constantly feeling like Amy that I have wasted all my years "painting".. Emotions are brilliantly displayed to dig out our own memories.

  4. Imagine the burdens Greta Gerwig carried to make a classic adaptation, featuring legends (Streep and Dern) and a bunch of the most talked-about young actors today.

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